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Luxury weddings, tailored for you

We are here to help you create your perfectly customised event. We have created trends like no other, we own most of all our inventory from Hangers to AC's, flooring, carpeting, furniture, event accessories etc. We have a strong in house design and graphic team, we also collaborate with top indian and international event designers.

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We will always treasure this as the happiest day of our lives, your passion for details and emphasis on sampling made everything go so beautifully, our family and friends were well taken care of and they had the best time of their lives, you are the best.
Thankyou so very much
Udaipur Wedding
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The Royal Marquee Wedding Planner - Bespoke Luxury Weddings

Going above and beyond your expectations

When it comes to your celebrations, we'll take care of everything. As bespoke wedding / event planners, we work with our client right from the start – from finding your ideal venue to delivering an enticing menu and stunning entertainment.

A celebration without the stress

Overseeing your wedding day, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. With our knowledge and experience as wedding organisers, you won’t need to worry about a thing. You can simply relax and enjoy creating memories to last a lifetime.

The Royal Marquee Wedding Planner - Bespoke Luxury Weddings
The Royal Marquee Wedding Planner - Bespoke Luxury Weddings

Luxury Wedding & Event Planning

You only get married once. It is the most memorable event of your life, or at least it should be. For one time, you are under unshared limelight and the attention of your entire association is focused on you and your event… Our services have ranged from turnkey signature weddings across the world to corporate events and conferences, political rallies, Rock concerts, exhibitions etc. From finding the perfect location to conceptualizing bespoke events, getting celebrities to be a part of the festivities and setting up a world-class event concierge, The Royal Marquee will ensure that all guests feel at home and are attended to. Once our services are engaged, our experts work with the client's vision to handle the entire event. The client is ensured flawless execution that encapsulates grandeur, luxury and, of course entertainment.

Wedding Management needs to be handled very professionally. This entails working out a concept or theme, space planning, décor, color scheming, floral arrangements, lighting design and a creative cuisine. It also includes massive amounts of manpower, logistic operations and infrastructure management.